James Arthur Albert Foundation - Providing education opportunities in Belize

This is Our Fight

We make dreams come true for thousands of children in Belize. We send them to school. We build classrooms for them to learn in.

By June of this year, we will have awarded 900 high school scholarships and purchased over $170,000 worth of textbooks.

These scholarships go to children who dream of going to high school, but whose families struggle to find the $200.00 it costs for books to attend school for a year. And these scholarships go to children who need shoes and uniforms to walk through the front door of a high school.

We’ve been fighting for them for just six years. In 2015, one of our scholarship recipients walked out of the big high school there – as Valedictorian! And in his speech to the whole town, he thanked this Foundation for believing in him.

We are the champions of those children.




Belize Live and Silent Auction

Belize Live and Silent and Live Auction at the Stine Barn, West Des Moines, Iowa

About Belize

Bordering Mexico, Guatemala, and the Caribbean sea, is the only English speaking country in Central or South America.