James Arthur Albert Foundation - Providing education opportunities in Belize

About Belize

Belize has a stable and democratic government. The country’s motto is “Land of the Free”.

The country is multiethnic and multicultural, with 50% being Hispanic Mestizos, 30% African Creoles, 10% Garifuna, and 10% Maya. The Maya, and 900 ancient Mayan ruins in Belize, are what is left of the Mayan civilization in Belize.

With 300,000 in total population, Belize abounds in natural beauty and wonder – the turquoise Caribbean, vast rainforests, the largest coral reef in the hemisphere, the Maya Mountains, 100,000 acres of jungle, and behind the scenes jaguars, pumas, howler monkeys, toucans and parrots.

Belize is a developing country. Many of its people are struggling financially. And of its six districts, comparable to counties in the USA, the Toledo District in Southern Belize is the poorest.

Younger children are enthusiastic to read books and attend grade school. But schools lack resources, and more grade school classroom need to be built.

High school is not free in Belize. Books and uniforms for students cost $200.00 a year, and registration fees for older students are even more.

Many children can’t come close to ever having the money they need to attend.

Education is the hope for all of them. It is the purpose of this Foundation.




Belize Live and Silent Auction

Belize Live and Silent and Live Auction at the Stine Barn, West Des Moines, Iowa