• $167,000+ CLASSROOMS BUILT

This is Our Fight

We make dreams come true for thousands of children in Belize. We send them to school. We build classrooms for them to learn in.

By June of 2018, we will have awarded over 1,700+ scholarships and purchased over $250,000 dollars worth of textbooks, uniforms, shoes, school lunches, and fees.

These scholarships go to children who dream of going to high school, but whose families struggle to find the $200.00 it costs for books to attend school for a year. These scholarships go to children who need shoes and uniforms to walk through the front door of a high school.

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    "My parents don’t have the money to buy me socks, shoes and books. My dream is to enter high school. When I earn my degree, I will help the poor and sick people—I will help each person when I get older." — Francisco, age 13, Machakilha Village

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    "I have been living a life with no support. I have been raised by a guardian since I was two. I have no books to go to high school. I want to be a leader in my village because in our culture females do not take part. I want to go to high school to show people that a poor child has a gift from God." — Francheza, age 14, Santa Elena Village

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    "I am 15 years old. My dream is to become a lawyer. Many innocent people go to prison here. They can’t afford a lawyer. That’s where I would step in. I would fight hard for them with all I have. For me, money is not everything. Love, kindness, the ability to see the good in others, and most of all HOPE. I’m just an ordinary kid with the dream of becoming a lawyer, and I intend to fight for that dream no matter what. Thank you!" — Oswin, age 15, Punta Gorda Town